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Wiring the young ones

Teenage years can be tumultuous, marked by periods of struggling, in an effort to discover one’s own identity, whilst trying to navigate social environments in order to try to fit in. The adolescent may find him/herself confronted with decisions pertaining to morality, trying to differentiate between right and wrong. Regardless of the challenges this phase brings, we believe their fullest potential can be fulfilled, with appropriate guidance and support. 

At The New Charis Mission, we believe in impacting the next generation before they go wayward. To us, it is not just about changing their behaviour, but inculcating new mindsets and thought patterns, learning their strengths and unlearning the maladaptive, for more pro-social behaviour.

Our trainers, marked with skill, passion and personal experience, are able to identify with the challenges these youths face. The transformation stories of our mentors have been inspiring motivation for hope and change in the lives of these youths.

According to National Youth Council’s “Youth Statistics In Brief 2018”, the number of youth arrested for crime are as follows :

Year 2014 – 3,120 Youths

Year 2015 – 3,265 Youths

Year 2016 – 2,788 Youths


To-date, TNCM has reached out to 7,166 youth.

Programmes We Offer


Structured Mentoring Programme / Time-Out Programme (TOP)

To engage, enrich and empower today’s youth to develop a passion for life and learning.

Duration: 12 – 16 sessions, 1 session (2 hours)/week

Audience: Mainstream students / Youth-at-Risk

Assembly Talks 

To increase youth insight on current issues that affect them.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Audience: Primary – Tertiary students

Types: Awareness on drugs, awareness on gangs, the 3 “S”s of addiction, motivational talks for graduating cohorts and many more.


Learning Journey

To develop values and skills through Experiential Learning.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Audience: Upper Primary – Tertiary students

Types: Outdoor activities, visits to Non-Profit Organisations (NPO), Values-In-Action activities

Personal Mastery – life skills training

To empower youth to be the next generation leaders

Duration: 4 – 8 weeks session, 1 session (2 hours) / week

Audience: Secondary – Tertiary students

Types: Communication skills, public speaking, time management, understanding motivation, understanding fears & failures and many more.

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