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Delivering Hope Behind Bars

The past of most individuals in The New Charis Mission cause them to be predisposed to a potential lifetime of shame, fear and regret. Uniformly dressed and identified by only a number, they were once marched into court to be prosecuted and incarcerated, with their hands bound by cuffs. Fortunately, this institutionalisation is but only a physical prison.

At TNCM, we refuse to live out the shame, fear and regret as a re-created mental prison, instead choosing to use these emotions to propel us to return to prison, albeit not as inmates but as contributing empathic individuals.

Our Founder/Executive Director and staff have been serving as volunteers in the Prison for more than 2 decades. We seek to bring hope and encouragement to those still in prison. Our transformed lives enhearten and our programmes enable them to lead lives liberated from gangs for survival beyond bars. 

Programmes We Offer

Image by Markus Spiske

Vendor Programme(s)

A programme for younger offenders, male and female, from the Reformative Training Centre. The participating inmates are specifically Recallees;

previously released on supervision but have relapsed.

Number of sessions : 6

Focus : Relapse prevention, preparation for subsequent release


Curriculum : Life stories, personality profiling, life skills and experiential learning 



Anti-Gang Booster (AGB)

To impart life skills and tools to inmates who have renounced their gangs in order that they may be able to lead different lives post-release. Also imparting self-awareness, values and virtues of good citizenship.

TNCM counsellors mentor and befriend these inmates, acting as pillars of emotional support post-renunciation of their gangs

Non-Vendor Programme(s)

Christian Intensive Religious Counselling Programme (CIRCP)

CIRCP by TNCM runs for nine months and sessions are delivered three times a week. Inmates are guided in their journeys toward lives anew and are imparted practical life skills informed by Christian values.

Weekly Counselling

TNCM voluntarily provides Christian counselling for prison inmates on a weekly basis. A platform for TNCM counsellors to connect with the inmates        whilst providing them with pastoral support. TNCM Counsellors informally identify the needs of inmates and provide assistance where possible.

Motivational Talks 



Topics covered : Anti-Gang Campaigns, Testimonies & life stories, DARE – Dreams, Action, Resilience & Excellence Challenges faced during         Reintegration, Power of the Mindset, Goal Setting.

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 TNCM also conducts interviews with prison inmates who express interest in being admitted to TNCM upon their release. This is part of our efforts to ease the transition to aftercare for these individuals and alleviate any anxiety they may experience pre-release.

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