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Exchange Programme

MISSIONS | Impacting the nations

The reintegration journey of an ex-offender/ex-drug addict is never an easy one. There are several issues he will have to address to achieve a successful reintegration back into the society.  

At The New Charis Mission, reintegration is more than addressing employment, lodging and well-being upon completion of their programme. Training and education aid in skill development and confidence. Reintegration encompasses the social, physical, and emotional development of the individual. 

The Overseas Exchange Programme of TNCM adds to the development of said developments. Such trips help to add both Service-Learning and Experiential-Learning experiences for them. Opportunities are provided for them to share their transformation stories, encouraging the inmates and helping to rehabilitate ex-offenders. This will help enhance their confidence and self-esteem.

Visits to Halfway Houses, Prisons and Underprivileged Children in other countries

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