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Residential Rehabilitation Programme

DISCIPLESHIP | Rebuilding Lives

The Residential Rehabilitation Programme of The New Charis Mission provides recuperative, restorative, reconciliatory and reintegrative avenues for newly released ex-offenders as well as those who are accepted through “walk-in” admissions. 

Here, they learn how to rebuild their lives and families, and then contribute back to society. During the course of the Residential Programme, the beneficiaries undergo befriending, discipleship, individual counselling and psychoeducation (talks on social etiquette, budgeting, parenting etc.)

Phases of TNCM's Residential Rehabilitation Programme



The two main components of this Recovery phase are the Enrichment Residential Programme (ERP) and Individual Counselling.

ERP’s objective is to enrich the individual’s self-awareness & skill-awareness, focusing on their core values and beliefs. The topics covered in ERP are Identity, Values, Personality, Communication, Conflict resolution, Relationships, Anger management, Critical thinking, Choices, Commitment, Inner healing, Breaking bondages, Work ethics and Work exposure.

The 2 objectives of Individual Counselling are to explore, define & process each individual’s struggles and trigger points and to empower them with coping skills to stay on their journey for a better life.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Sarah Medina


Ongoing individual counselling & family engagement. 

For individuals with potential family support, the clinical team
engages the family to assess expectations and encourage their involvement in the individual’s rehabilitation and integration. 

Work therapy is introduced in this phase to serve as a platform for residents to re-learn work ethics, submission to authority and team cooperation.


In this final phase, 2 components are involved: Discharge planning, Training & Upgrading. Discharge planning allows us to identify short-term and long-term goals of the individual upon his programme completion. It seeks to elicit interests, and to take affirmative and positive steps toward achieving their goals. 

After the completion of the programme, these individuals will continue to go through further training and upgrading.

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