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Bringing Joy To The Aged

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In 2007, a burden was placed in our hearts for those in their twilight years. With the goal to bring joy to the aged, a team from The New Charis Mission began visiting the elderly, residing in the one-room rental flats in Whampoa. Time was set aside on a weekly basis to engage these elderlies through hearty conversations, interactive games that were played and singing sessions that were conducted. 

In 2010, an opportunity arose for us to connect and serve the elderlies in the rental flats in Ang Mo Kio. Simple befriending evolved into outings, festive season celebratory block parties/banquet lunches, monthly complimentary haircuts and home improvement projects.

“Bringing Joy to the Aged” is led by our core beneficiaries of TNCM, the transformed ex-offenders. Lives truly impact lives!

Through our weekly engagement and frequent interaction, we hope to see the Pioneer Generation moving from dependent individuals of the community to becoming inter-dependent, and ultimately self-dependent contributors, giving to the community.

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