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Ascension of a New Dawn

On the 26th of November, The New Charis Mission convened for its annual gathering, a vibrant day replete with activities, embodying the essence of camaraderie and moments of strategic alignment. The morning session commenced at TNCM, comprising of a wide array of team bonding games and cheers, followed by Aqua Dodgeball at Charis Turf, our dedicated futsal pitch, as the highlight. After indulging in a sumptuous lunch, the community reconvened in TNCM's hall for a heartfelt, two-part message delivered by our founder, Pastor Don Wong. The emphasis was on delineating the direction and plans of The New Charis Mission for the upcoming year.

The evening culminated in a lavish buffet spread, accompanied by the presentation of prizes for the Winning Team, "Best Resident," "Best Helper," and the "Most Improved Individual." The event left everyone feeling invigorated to tackle the challenges of the forthcoming year with renewed zeal.

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