Welcome to The New Charis Mission

The New Charis Mission (hereafter known as ‘TNCM’) is a non-profit organisation registered with Registry of Societies in 2006 and Commissioner of Charities in 2007. TNCM is a full member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and an approved Institutions of a Public Character (IPC).

The 5 Mission Goals of TNCM comprises of :

1) Rebuilding Lives - Ex-offenders and Ex-Drug Addicts

2) Hope behind Bars – Prison Institutions

3) Wiring the Young Ones – Youth / Schools

4) Bringing Joy to the Aged -  Elderly

5) Impacting Nations – Transformed Life-Stories (service & experiential learning)

TNCM operates a Residential Rehabilitation Programme where the core beneficiaries are the ex-offenders and ex-drug addicts.  The Executive Director, Mr Don Wong and the Staff members have served in rehabilitation work for the past 25 years. The rehabilitation work took on a new level more than 10 years ago where the focus of rehabilitation work is more than just getting rid of a certain habit.  It is the empowering of an individual to become a social and economic contributor to society.

At TNCM, beyond what a halfway house for ex-offenders and ex-drug addicts, every individual who entered into the Residential Rehabilitation Programme has moved away from their past failures and destructive lives, developed new mindset and value system.  They become Mentors running programmes in Schools for the at-risk students, Counsellors to the inmates in the prison and Befrienders to the lonely elderly. Once, they were the trouble and burden in their families, now they are able to provide support to their families.

Our Community Service Initiatives

  • School
  • Boys Home
  • Elderly
  • Prisons
  • Exchange Programme
  • Halfway House


The New Charis Mission has been reaching out to students and youth, conducting various programmes to cater to the different needs. Pastor Don and his team would run these programmes which comprise of assembly talks, group sessions, camps and talks at events, mainly in the schools’ compounds.

Boys Home

We will be launching our Boys home programme sometime later this year.


Since the beginning of this year, the ministry has also embarked on renovating and refurbishing one house per month. The team of brothers would clean up the accumulated dirt and grime, give the walls a new coat of paint, repair or replace damaged furniture with second-hand furniture which is in good condition.


he New Charis Mission (TNCM) is a community partner of Singapore Prison Service; educating and counselling inmates. Since 1995 we have counselled and conducted sessions in selected prison institutions. Much can be done to prepare a person during incarceration, as early as upon the arrest of a person, volunteers steps in to help prepare him emotionally and mentally before beginning his prison sentence.

Exchange Programme

The New Charis Mission goes beyond the shores of Singapore to reach out to communities that are not as privileged. To date, teams have been sent to various countries such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, helping the children, drug addicts, prisoners and their family.

Halfway House

The New Charis Mission operates a halfway house, providing a holistic rehabilitation programme for ex-drug offenders to help them to reintegrate into society. Aspiring to be ambassadors of love and grace to the outcasts of our society, The New Charis Mission aims to lead its residents to rebuild their lives, reconcile with family and return to society as responsible, useful citizens. This is done through various programmes – recuperation, restoration and re-integration.