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Project Heart of Love (PHOL)

Project Heart of Love (PHOL) was birthed out of casual talk centred on how we can improve the quality of life for our elderly beneficiaries. Building on The New Charis Mission’s existing home improvement projects, PHOL is our attempt to bring it to another level so that the elderly can live out their last years in comfort and a place they can proudly regard as home. It is an initiative designated for our Pioneers aged 65 and above. In our pilot phase officially launched by Minister Tan Chuan-Jin on 23rd January 2016, it was planned that 50 rental units are to be given that face-lift.


Recent Projects:

166th Project



135th Project

154th Project

Post shared by Singapore Prison Services on their Facebook page showing one of our latest PHOL projects, a partnership with some of the boys from the Reformative Training Center (RTC) and staff of the Singapore Prison Services.

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