Mr Don Wong is the Executive Director of The New Charis Mission. Prior to this, he co-founded The HighPoint Halfway House and served as the Vice-President of HighPoint Community Services Association and the Executive Director of The HighPoint Halfway House & HighPoint Social Enterprise Ark from 1995 to 2006. Mr Wong is also one of the founders for Association of Christian Halfway Houses (Singapore) where he is now serving as the President.

Mr Wong has been serving in anti-drug organisations and Drug Rehabilitation Centers since 1993.  He started as a counsellor in one of the halfway houses in Singapore, The Helping Hand.  In 1995, together with a few other volunteers, he started The HighPoint Halfway House to help rehabilitated drug addicts and reformed ex-gang members get a head start in society by providing services to the community and proving their usefulness in a society that has largely rejected them.  

He started the HighPoint Social Enterprise Hub which comprises five community services associations and 11 social enterprises (mostly run by ex-offenders) under one roof.  The Removal Department received the Best Mr Mover Award 1999 and also the Certificate for Excellence.  On 22nd September 2005, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong awarded the HighPoint Halfway House with the Meritorious Award in recognition of our contributions to Singapore’s fight against drug abuse.

Under Mr Wong’s leadership, The HighPoint Halfway House was also involved in social work overseas.  In 1999, a disaster-relief project known as “LOVE TURKEY” was put together to help the victims of the Turkey earthquake.  It consisted of 7 medical teams comprising doctors, nurses and residents from HighPoint who went over to assist the ongoing disaster relief effort.

Mr Wong has also led small teams to India, Thailand and China where they visited the Drug Halfway Houses and shared the “anti-drugs” message with the inmates there.

After setting up The New Charis Mission in Aug 2006, Mr Wong continues to lead teams to other countries, reaching out to the prisoners and drug addicts in the area: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, as well as Malaysia. These trips are both service and experiential learning for the core beneficiaries of The New Charis Mission. 

Mr Wong was awarded the NCADA Merit Award in 1999 and Certificate of Merit Achievement in 2002 in recognition of his efforts and contributions toward the anti-drug and other forms of community work.  Mr Wong has been accreditated by the Singapore Association of Social Workers as a Registered Social Service Practitioner. He is also a Licensed Marriage Solemniser since 2005.  Together with his wife, Vanessa, they have conducted Pre-marital / Marriage / Family Counselling for more than 40 couples for the past 18 years.

Mr Wong is one of the 5 Prison Chaplains appointed for the period 2017 - 2022.

Mr Wong is a well-received speaker and panellist at many events and conferences. He has spoken and facilitated Discussion Groups and Dialogues in various organisations in Singapore, e.g. the Singapore Armed Forces, Secondary schools, National University of Singapore, National Institute of Education, Tertiary Institutions in Singapore, Community Development Centres in Singapore. 

In January 2006, Mr Wong was also awarded recognition as the 1st runner-up on Outstanding Social Entrepreneur, a joint event organised by The Schwab Foundation and The Straits Times.

Since 2009, Mr Wong and his team from The New Charis Mission have been working alongside with Schools and Prisons to help Youth-At-Risk and Students-At-Risk. Talks were also conducted for the parents of this young people to help create awareness of the issues of Youth in our society.