The New Charis Mission’s Social Enterprise started out as a business with a mission. Seeing many ex-offenders and former drug addicts who wanted to live life anew falling back to their old ways because they were unable to hold a job for long, The New Charis Mission’s Social Enterprise sought to provide job opportunities for ex-offenders and former drug addicts who have completed or were going through the Residential Rehabilitation Programme. Giving them a job was not enough. The business focus on character and social skills development of the residents assigned to the Enterprise while proving an opportunity for them to make a living and stay out of their former vices.


Residents of The New Charis Mission assigned to work at the Social Enterprise after completing the first phase of the Enrichment Residential Programme went through in-house training by the staff of the Enterprise so that they are ready to provide quality services to meet the clients’ needs. Those who completed the programme and remained with the Enterprise became helpers and supervisors to lead and guide the residents attached. The residents picked up many useful skills such as interpersonal communication, customer relations and collaborative work through teachable moments at work.


In April 2017, The New Charis Mission’s Social Enterprise officially started operations as a registered company known as New Charis Enterprise Pte Ltd (hereafter known as “NCE”). Though a registered company, NCE is a subsidiary of The New Charis Mission. The main business of NCE consists of professional moving services for homes and offices, painting and property maintenance, as well as booth setup for exhibitions, conventions and events. It remains as a platform that provides work therapy for the residents of The New Charis Mission and creates job opportunities for those who have completed their programme.


The New Charis Mission is looking at NCE broadening its services with the setting up of the futsal courts facility within the compound of the Kembangan-Chai Chee Community Hub. We envisage the new facility to be a safe space for youths to hangout, as well as to promote pro-family bonding events and to host community events. Residents of The New Charis Mission attached to NCE can look forward to broaden their occupation skillsets in facility management, as well as sports coaching and team-bonding facilitation.


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