School / Youth




The New Charis Mission has been reaching out to students and youth, conducting various programmes to cater to the different needs. Pastor Don and his team would run these programmes which comprise of assembly talks, group sessions, camps and talks at events, mainly in the schools’ compounds. 




During assembly talks, the speaker from TNCM would touch on topics like anti-bullying, gang awareness and drug abuse. Real life stories and examples, which are shared to bring the point across, engage the students in an effective way. Issues are brought to the students’ attention to get them started on reflecting their own lives. The assembly talks usually finish off with a reflecting form where students pen down their feedback and what they have learnt from it.

Some might think that students these days are apathetic about what is happening around them but majority of the students do appreciate the helpful topics that were brought up. For example, two upper secondary girls once went up to Pastor Don after the talk had ended to thank him for his sharing as they had both benefitted greatly from it.




A team also runs structured group sessions with students who have been identified by their schools as at-risk. This team consists of brothers from TNCM who mentor the students, building rapport and relationships with them. They participate alongside the students during the activities conducted by the trainer and guide them to move in a positive direction. The syllabuses covered during such group sessions include the ‘STAR’ and ‘5 Rs’ (Relationship, Responsibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Respect). Thus, the Time-Out Programme was introduced in 2011 to various schools, alongside with structured mentoring system to guide the students.

These students are also brought out for project camps where the values to be instilled are emphasized. It is also a time for the students and mentors to bond and find out more about one another. Every activity they do has a rationale and a learning point for them to take home. It is TNCM’s objective to draw out the hidden potential in every student. For instance, the ‘STAR’ programme believes that everyone has a star in them. Therefore, project executions were conducted where the students will be introduced to fundraising events and hands-on experience, assisting the elderly ministry and getting involved in home improvement projects to aid the poor and needy.