“TNCM’s motto “Building the Vision; Rebuilding Lives” is an inspiring one, which resonates with Singapore Prison Service’s mission.”

- Mr Soh Wai Wah

Director of Prisons

The New Charis Mission (TNCM) is a community partner of Singapore Prison Service; educating and counselling inmates. Since 1995 we have counselled and conducted sessions in selected prison institutions. Much can be done to prepare a person during incarceration, as early as upon the arrest of a person, volunteers steps in to help prepare him emotionally and mentally before beginning his prison sentence. Volunteers also help them explore ways whereby their term in prison may be spent productively and meaningfully, and to help them to reintegrate into society upon their release. 

The objective of TNCM’s service in prisons is to reach out to the in-mates based on the experience of the brothers. These brothers want to play their part by expending their experience they have as ex-offenders as a resource to help those in the same predicament they were once in. The objective is to extend a hand to guide the in-mates to progress and not end up going back to their ways which landed them in prison. As the brothers serve and mentor, they also expand their growth and go through a learning process unique to each one of them.

We also go beyond the shores of Singapore reaching out to prisoners in prisons of China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Boys' Home


Structured Mentoring Programme for Boys Home

D.A.R.E (Dream, Action, Resilience, Excellent) Programme

In this programme, we help to Redirect, Refocus and Reinstall them. The 4 attitudes that we inculcate in the clients: Acceptance, Apology, Appreciation and Affirmation to accomplish the 4 “C”s which is Character, Connection, Competence and Contribution.