HDB 1-Room Only $350 onwards 1 day
HDB 3-Room Flat $800 onwards 2 days
HDB 4-Room Flat $1,200 onwards 3-4 days
HDB 5-Room Flat $1,500 onwards 4-5 days
HDB Executive Apartment $1,800 onwards 4-5 days
HDB Maisonette Apartment $1,800 onwards 5-6 days

All prices quoted above includes using Nippon Matex paint.
Includes Bedroom, living room, kitchen, Bathrooms and Ceilings.
Request for Premium Paint? Please call 6483 3707 for a quote.

Did You Know That?

We also paint and lacquer doors, gates (at additional cost).
All our paint jobs use at least 2 coats of paint to ensure the right color of your walls are seen.
For bathrooms and other areas that get the most humidity and traffic, use an oil-based paint.
On average, 4 litres of paint will cover 40 square metres in one coat.
This will vary depending on the surface quality, the color of paint and how thick you apply it.
Professionals will apply exactly as much paint as needed; DIY jobs will often use more paint than necessary.

*TNCM reserves the right to amend the pricing without prior notice.