Exchange Program

At The New Charis Mission (TNCM) our overseas exchange programmes are service learning and experiential learning projects for our core beneficiaries.

The fact that our exchange programmes take place elsewhere is significant, because the distractions and comforts you normally live with are temporarily replaced with new experiences. Confronting new surroundings and situations can be quite a challenge, both physically and mentally.

The exchange programmes are learning processes for the participants. Participants learn in the aspect of adapting to foreign cultures and in the aspect of gaining the courage in sharing their life experiences with others. They are exposed to environments and experiences that Singapore cannot offer. Through these exchange programmes we hence aim to widen the perception of our clients undergoing our residential programme and thus increase their knowledge and improve their perception on life.

Participants of the programme offer the little they can give through various acts of service. These acts of service might be simple. For instance, sharing of life-transformation stories that could encourage the foreign prisoners and their families. Simple as they seem, in the sense that it is not a typical community service project like building a house, these forms of encouragement go a long way.

To date, teams have been sent to various countries such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, helping the children, drug addicts, prisoners and their family.