Hope & Change.


To bring new hope and opportunities to those in despair and neglect.


To enable the disenfranchised through targetted programmes, tools and refuge.

Core Mission

We provide a holistic rehabilitation programme for ex-drug offenders & ex-criminals to help them reintegrate into society. Our rehabilitation programme focuses on personal growth, character development, restoration of relationships with family members and work therapy to help residents break their bondage to drugs and return to society as responsible, useful citizens.

Expanded Mission

TNCM is committed to implement a positive youth development plan to help youths-at-risk reach their full potential. The plan sees youths as assets and resources rather than liabilities and problems.

In addition to the rehabilitation of ex-drug offenders, we have moved upstream into preventive work targeting youths-at-risk in schools and juvenile homes. In our course of work, we have observed many out-of-school youths and juvenile offenders transiting from juvenile homes to the Reformative Training Centre and eventually to prisons. Therefore, we believe strongly in reaching out to youths-at-risk and their families in order to prevent drug/ criminal offences and re-offending among juvenile offenders. We will also engage the community in the areas of family life and community-bonding.

Mission Statements:

  • To care for the outcasts of our society by providing for their spiritual and practical needs.
  • To bring the message of love to them, so that they may be set free to enjoy a renewed and restored life.
  • To lead them to purposeful living, enabling them to become useful people in society.

Latest Video

It all started at the beach ...

without even a roof over our heads.
but our hearts were full of Gods,
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